Store bought produce travels an average of 1,400 miles. Our greens travel 100 miles or less, saving more than 200 gallons of diesel fuel.

No harmful chemicals.

We do not use harmful chemicals or pesticides. We grow greens as nature intended them to be. Fresh, clean, and local.

conserve Water.

We use 40x less water than conventional, soil grown produce. We can feed our community and save H20 at the same time.

Protect rivers & Streams.

Our hydroponic system is a closed system; all nutrients are recycled and reused.


Our produce is harvested & delivered in a few hours. Most store bought produce is 10-14 days old by the time it reaches your local grocery store.

We are local.

We grow the highest quality produce 365 days a year and serve many fine Virginia restaurants, schools, and customers like you!